I used the $1 Nivea Creme on my face, and here’s what happened

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Lily says:

    On second thought, never mind the MOAH… Ökotest admitted themselves on the report that there is no proof of them being damaging, so I guess it’s all much ado about nothing!

  2. Lily says:

    Wow, this article and the comments were so, so interesting to me! I’m German so have grown up with a Nivea tin box in the house, always, and when I got married, another Nivea tin box moved in, too ;-D. Anyway, I only used it on my body because I used to have oily skin in my teens and was told to stay away from creams. In my thirties, my skin changed and became very dry – I have eczema showing up in the winter months, flaky skin around my eyebrows and nows. I literally tried every affordable product. Either it wouldn’t stop the eczema or it would give me skin reactions, or just both. Then I started going for laser treatments and needed to shave certain areas. Of course everything got even drier and also sensitive, since the razor really hurts skin. I realized I needed something thick and heavy. Again, everything else I tried gave me skin irritations and itchiness. I finally gave up and reached for the Nivea. Problem solved! Since I truly, truly love the fragrance (I think every German loves it, no one thinks of old people here – this smell to us is the smell of fresh, innocent babies!), I started applying it to the rest of my face too, even the eyes. Again, I stopped using eye products since I wear contacts and it would give me blurry vision or just irritation. And guess what, not only does it work despite contacts, I’ve been waking up with hardly noticeable under-eye rings and bags. I’m 39 now and this has become a concern. But now I wake up every morning looking fresh and smooth, I can’t believe it. So the solution was here all the time…
    However, recently Nivea was in the German news as some tests were done by Ökotest (it’s an independent institute testing things for consumer safety and also ecological concerns). They said the mineral oil had traces of MOAH, and were very critical of the cream. I really don’t know what to think because I’m not ready to part with the only solution ever.

  3. Kelley says:

    i bought myself a tin a week ago because i saw it on my father’s shelf and he has a pretty good skin both his hands and face even though he works outside winters and summers. i tried it out (because of course i forgot to take any of mine moisturizers on weekend stay) and oh my i was surprised. so of course i had to buy it!

  4. Rax H. says:

    I have super dry skin like literally peeling on my eyelids and struggling to get back to normal. Overnight use of nivea creme has restored my skin to its normal condition. My skin feels smooth and supple. No dryness or peeling skin. Nivea creme really works for me.

  5. Zaki says:

    For years, I have been trying many moisturizers for my face. None can provide hydration like Nivea Creme. I use it twice daily. Even after a day in the office with drying air conditioners, my skin still feels soft and smooth. It gives glow to my skin. On mid-day, i always wash my face with water but Nivea Creme’s hydration power still remains even after i dried up my skin. It does not feel sticky (unless you overly use it) and it does not feel oily too. Now no more dryness on my face. My skin appears smooth and soft. I am glad that I decided to try this creme. I will keep using it and I hope Nivea will keep producing this product. The price also not expensive and can last very long.

  6. dodie says:

    I’ve used this for decades, but disagree about the scent – it hardly has ANY scent at all. Definitely NOT “strong” or “floral”. I’d actually classify it as unscented myself. I used to use Lancome, and love the scent of it, but the price is prohibitive. I started using Nivea in Europe on vacation when my skin was so very dry. It’s an amazing product. Love, love, love!

  7. Fiona says:

    This is the only thing that saved my hands after years of suffering with dermatitis. Now I use it on my face regularly and have branched out and tried some of their other products. This brand is completely underrated. I’ll take smelling like a granny any say if it doesnt mean living in pain and being unable to do the things I love.

  8. Alex says:

    The Nivea anti-aging cream works but gosh it stinks! It doesn’t stink – it pongs! It is the smell that lingers on your body after you’ve hugged your 100 year old grandmother. I am wearing a beautiful perfume today and I cannot smell it at all as all I can smell is the facecream I put on my face 7 hours ago. It is almost making me feel sick, that’s how strong it is. Yesterday I only put it on my crow’s feet area on my eyes as I didn’t want it near my nose. It was all I could smell ALL day! I don’t know how a board of advisers takes a whiff of the bottle and says “Yes, let’s keep it smelling like that for another year.”

  9. Linda says:

    My mom is 60+ and her skin is looking so youthful. She has used the Nivea creme her whole life. My grandma swore by it as well, and her skin remained so plump and fresh all into her 80’s. This creme is so so good.

  10. tialda says:

    My go for years, I’m 42 and people think I’m in my 20s. I even get carded sometimes. I blame Nivea and drinking 2l of water every day. Plus laughing a lot.

  11. Diego says:

    Great post! Thank you. Very informative, detailed and well written, love it

  12. Zornitsa says:

    Aaaah!Nivea!I love everything Nivea!I have never been disappointed by any of their products.I use eye cream,serum,moisturiser,shower cream,body cream-all Nivea.The Blue Nivea I use on my face and body in winter,when air is cold and dry,it is wonderful!As I have said,never been disappointed by Nivea.

  13. May says:

    … going back to Nivea again…, why is the US, EU version and the asian, different than the orginal german one?

    If it is initially, created, founded, manufactured, distributed and packaged in Germany , should the rest of the countries not follow the original german formulae?

    Just wondering if it is legal or not, adding those unnecessary ingredients?I do get really suspicious about this.

    Would Nivea from Beiersdorf accept it? would it damage their good reputation in Germany?

    It wpuld be good to contact Germany and see what their answer would be.

    If I create a product, I would start with legal actions to avoid counterfeit products.

    The same for the rest of other wellknown brands like Shiseido. SKII, Sulwhasoo etc etc

    • Jenny says:

      Each country has different laws regarding what ingredients are approved for cosmetic use and at what %, so everything you see in the ingredient list is in fact legal. What you may consider “unnecessary” is subjective, and this will vary from person to person. I’m not sure why you think Nivea would have a problem with the different formulas when they are in fact the one who created these different variations? It’s not like the products sold outside of Germany are counterfeit, which by the way, is illegal. Now whether consumers prefer the “original” formula or the region specific one obviously depends on the individual, but there’s nothing stopping any of us from purchasing the formula we prefer.

  14. Bella Brass Johnson says:

    I agree with Violeta. I’ve been using Nivea Creme since I was 14. Yes, 14! I’m now 49 and I’ve used this creme everyday of my life for the past 35 years. I don’t wear foundation, never have. I’ve only noticed the signs of aging within the last year but I believe that’s due to menopause and the change in hormones. I believe in Nivea creme 100%, it will help you keep your youthful skin, in fact, just last week I was carded for my ID when I bought cigarettes. Oh yes, I’m a smoker too, that should have aged me well into my 50s or 60s by now but I still get told that I look 25 or younger on a regular basis. Personally I think maybe 35 or younger but I’m only repeating what I get told. A couple years ago I checked the ingredients and then googled them, I personally believe that it’s the panthenol getting ‘locked’ into my skin that’s prevented my skin from visibly aging.

  15. Violeta Grigorescu says:

    My skin hasn’t seen much beyond Nivea my entire life. I am 58th and people think I’m 40.

    I have a 2-year-old who develops rashes from anything and everything. Nivea is the only thing that clears her skin 100%.

    By the way, your initial “170% made more sense, except the % sign.

    What the other commentator calculated was a PERCENTAGE INCREASE.

    When comparing A and B, where A costs $170 and B costs $1, you would ask: is A 170 times more superior than B. Or you would say: does A justify a 16, 900% INCREASE in spending, compared to B?

  16. Jelena says:

    I would have to disagree with you on one point only – that the package is boring. I would say it’s iconic :D

    • Jenny says:

      That is definitely a fair point, you can recognize that blue tin from a mile away!

      • David Rose says:

        And I am a straight nail and then put a rainbow on it now and I absolutely love it. I have friends who are LGBTQ + and I thought the new rainbow top on the middle size container is great. And after reading your amazing article and the comments. I am super stoked because I just turned 45 and have a five-year-old half Asian half Caucasian daughter and I started noticing a lot of wrinkles coming in around my eyes and I want to look young and beautiful as my daughter does. They say she looks just like me but her mom is a former beauty queen, so she definitely get your books from her mother, but I am excited and remember my grandmother having a tin always on the counter in the powder room. And she was beautiful and radiant until she passed away at 93. So between using Nivea every day and taking a spoonful of cod, liver oil, both of my grandparents who raised me did something right God bless their souls and thank you for writing a great article! Nivea is definitely not just for women :)

  17. Both my grandmothers used to have this cream and I remember applying it on my hands when I was little. To be honest I never even thought of picking this up, but your review is changing my mind.

    Ledia | K-Beauty Notes

  18. Judit Varga says:

    This cream is golden. My mother uses this and she always tells me how my great grandmother used this on her face. I love Nivea’s other products also: sunscreens are one of the best I think and the shower gels leaves my skin so soft that I cannot tell you how much I love it. Oh and the lovely smell! The word that I can use to describe the smell is innocence. It reminds me of babies and old people at the same time and I feel safe and home when I smell it. Recommend it to everyone! God bless those who created this brand!

  19. Jas says:

    Just wanted to pop in and say: There is a reason why Europeans swear by this cream for generations. Especially children are usually lathered in it it’s jus that much of a staple

  20. CK says:

    I have been using Nivea cream for over40 years.
    I have very dry skin and can suffer from skin allergies and excema.
    I am now in my 50s and suffer from menopausal dry skin on my face.
    The only cream that has ever really worked for me throughout all of my years and skin changes is NIVEA.
    It truly is as good as this review says it is.
    Give me smooth, dewy moist skin over fancy packaging and fancy prices any day. Less is more.
    I have tried a multitude of fancier products but all have given me flare ups, rashes, stinging and dry aggravated skin. I have sensitive skin yet Nivea fragrance does not trigger a flare.
    It is also available all over the world, which is a relief when I travel.
    I have a tub in every room in my house, every bag I could possibly need e.g. my handbags, work bag, hill walking rucksack, gym bag, my glove box in my car, I even have some in my Kayak! Just in case.. I never leave home without it.
    I live in the Highlands of Scotland where it is wild in the winter and often in the summer.. driving rain, howling winds and log fires all take their toll on the skin. I also spend time outdoors in all weathers up hills and mountains and depend on my Nivea to work hard to keep my skin protected from the elements. I can comfortably wear a sunscreen on top of it but when possible choose Nivea and protect from the sun with a large brimmed hat.
    I am frequently complimented on my youthful appearance and youthful skin and I put hat down to my many decades use of Nivea.
    I have often said I should be in a Nivea advert as proof of it’s anti ageing properties! :-)
    I cannot recommend it highly enough.
    If it doesn’t work for your face you won’t be out of pocket as it can also double up as lip balm, hand, foot or body cream or even make up remover.
    Good luck, I hope it works as well for you all as it has done for me all of these years. I’d have a big red beacon of a face without my Nivea. I’d be lost without it.
    Nivea, I salute you!

  21. Petra says:

    I love Nivea my mom used it all of the time and with 89 years of age she looked amazing and of course I have been using it too and so have my girls now in there 30’s and looking great they also alway associate the smell with there
    OMA :)
    Is there a lot of difference between the German Nivea and the American Nivea though ?

    • Jenny says:

      That’s awesome to hear! And yes there are slight ingredient differences between the two versions: The American Nivea contains petrolatum and two extra preservatives. I haven’t tried the German version so I’m not sure how it compares texture/results wise but some people do prefer it more.

  22. Najwa says:

    Nivea creme do makes my skin so soft and hydrated in the morning but i am currently having a bad case of acne so i only use it sparingly, but still my skin will always look nice in the morning and feels nice too

  23. Ionela Predu says:

    Loving the article, just bought my Nivea cream and I can’t wait to see the results. Thanks for all the great tips!

  24. Lisa says:

    I used to have eczema on my palms which was so embarrassing, until I started using Nivea creme and it is completely gone. I tried everything you can possibly think of and the only thing that worked was the Nivea creme.

  25. Suzanne says:

    I popped in to learn more about Nivea Creme, and appreciate your comparison to the luxurious La Mer, but I have to make a correction.
    La Mer, at $170 an ounce is 17,071.7% more expensive than $.99 Nivea, not 170%. [(170-.99)/.99]x100. Or, if you want to do the math in your head by rounding the Nivea to $1, it’s 169 x 100 or 16,900%.

  26. Sarah B says:

    I live in Belgium and here we have the german version. I am almost 27 and have been using this cream morning and evening after my serum since 10 years. I use it also as an undereye mask and it works just as perfect as a high brand quality cream. I am sure I’ll use it for as long as I could

  27. Tami says:

    Just buy the German version, it doesn’t include those vilified ingredients.

  28. Marilyn says:

    My husband has used Nivea forever and he is 92 .. No lines or wrinkles..Wish I had follower suit. It’s not too late..will try it for sure

  29. Monica says:

    I have been using Nivea Cream since I was a baby. I remember my mom always putting this cream on my face before I would leave the house. I love the texture and smell. Maybe that is why my classmates in high school were always complimenting my skin. Now I know it was because of Nivea

  30. Dana says:

    My mom used Nivea all her life. People would comment how beautiful her skin was. So Nivea is in our family for generations . I tried to use “better “ anti-aging products but I spent lots of money and no satisfaction. I would also break out and there was a Nivea in rescue .. in couple days, rashes would be gone. I cannot live without Nivea. It is the ultimate skin product and now even my husband use it and his skin improves every day. Love Nivea!! 🙂

  31. Mia Ramani says:

    Hi!! I had a crazy bout of cystic acne for a few months before my wedding. I have extremely oily skin and everything the derma gave me for the acne wrecked my skin without curing the acne. A friend then suggested I use Nivea as a night cream and my acne cleared up in 3 days!!!!!! This was 5 years back and I’ve never been sold on a product like this, ever! I use it as a night cream everyday and also as a spot treatment during the day when a random pimple pops up before my period. It has also balanced out my oily skin! I can see in the comments there are a lot of dry skin girls who swear by it, but my oily skin girls should try it out too before writing it off! It just may change your lives and faces! ❤️

    • Zaki says:

      “I have combination skin with an oily T-Zone and dry cheeks. Surprisingly, Nivea Creme has managed to balance the moisture levels in both areas. While I occasionally get pimples on my T-Zone, they vanish quickly without leaving any marks. I’m uncertain about how Nivea Creme tackles these pimples, but it certainly helps prevent inflammation caused by them. As a result, my skin now looks smooth and refreshed.”

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience Mia! I’ve always wondered if this would work well for oily skin folks, glad to hear it does!


        I have been using Nivea for one month, l am 75, l have very greasy skin, the good thing about it is l have no wrinkles, the down side is l have suffered with breakouts most of my adult life.
        Since using Nivea l have had no breakouts, wish l had used it years ago.
        My skin is looking so good.

  32. May Lani Tjan says:

    Hi Jenny, here in London, you can get the famous blue plastic box ( the old fashion tin box, introduced by my grandmother is gone so far I know……), there is also a white plastic box, it smells fresher and is lighter too but I think it hidrate less than the blue one…,may be it has more alcohol?? ( I have very dry skin, so I am concerned, what do you think? Also, I heard that the ingredients used in the Nivea sold in Germany are different than the one sold in the US? Im curious if the one sold in Asia may be different too, due to the climate?

    The world of cosmetics are complex! Im wondering why they dont put at the ingredients list the amount per each?

    We all use at some point cosmetics on our skin, we should protect it and shield it well from the sun!

    When returning back from holidays in Asia, I feel my skin softer and more hydrated. Living in dry climate and surrounded by harsh water, definitely play a huge role… not to mention the stress at work, performance etc…. now that I am unemployed after 15 yrs working for the same company…

    By the way, I tried the eye cream of Cerave…., it really helps! I want to try the cleansers and moisturirisers too!

    Many thanks for your posts! very educational too!

    • Jenny says:

      Hi May, I’ve never tried the white plastic box version so I can’t say how it’ll compare. It does contain alcohol which helps give it that lighter texture, so it depends on how your skin reacts to alcohol. In a well formulated product alcohol shouldn’t be too harmful, but you should go with what you feel comfortable using.

      As for the blue tin, there is a small ingredient difference in the Germany vs US version. Some people say the Germany texture is thicker and firmer, but I think the overall usage experience should be similar!

      So glad you find my posts helpful, thank you for reading!

  33. Diane Parks says:

    Love this post! I have been using Nivea Creme, for years, but never thought to use it on my face! This 76 yo great-grandmother needs SOMETHING for those dark bags, so tonight is the night! I love the soft fragrance, but imma gramma, sooo….. Thank you for such a detailed description…very interesting read. I was at my granddaughter’s baby shower this weekend, and had just gotten out of the tub and lathered up with my Nivea, when someone needed to use the potty. When she came out she said, “I don’t know what it is, but something in that bathroom smells wonderful!” So for all the youngun’s who are dissing the fragrance…there ya’ go! Lol

  34. Eileen says:

    I agree with everything you wrote here, and would like to add that when my cystic/hormnal acne and rosacea prone skin FREAKS out and everything I try to out on it stings, this is the thing I reach for, maybe with a spot treatment but it truly is the ultimate in soothing and healing irritated acne. Also helps with peeling and flaking caused by differin!

  35. Patricia Iwanicki says:

    I am now using Nivea as well for a few weeks and I am pretty satisfied. My reason for doing it was because I had dry skin on my face and also because I absolutely love the smell…it smells like my Dove White Beauty Bar… Exactly! I wonder what makes those two products, one a soap and the other a cream smell so similar but its awesome! I love simple smells like that!

  36. Naveena says:

    It’s so cold, and I love the cold weather, but I don’t like what it does to my skin. My skin is naturally dry, and the winters make it even more unhealthy and de-hydrated.
    thanks for this blog I LIke it.

    Find there how Nivea did become Naveena’s Best friend???

  37. Simone says:

    Totally agree….my patients from Europe in their 60 age group all have beautiful skin…thanks to Nivea. At first I thought I couldn’t possibly give up my expensive creams…but I did…and wooiooooooooo…..yes yes yes, dewy skin st 40…????

  38. Yanee says:

    Hi! I’ve been using Nivea Cream since I was a teenager and now that I’m in my 30’s, this is still the best and by far effective on my skin day and night. I also tried other expensive products but it doesn’t seem to work on me- either to stingy or too itchy, so I always go back to what works- NIVEA CREME! The best ever ❤️

  39. Rita H says:

    I’ve used Nivea cream since I was 20 years old…. so 20 years now!! It’s a great cream, inexpensive and really makes my skin feel quenched.

    My mom used it and I always remember the way her face smelt, I do believe she still uses it.

    It’s truly a great product, not sure why anyone would use a brand that’s newer and four times the price?!?

  40. Lulu says:

    Great information on the Nivea product! I just started using it about a month ago and WOW!!!! You could really see and feel the difference! This is a Great Product…Great Price…Great Results!!!!

  41. DeAna G. Defino says:

    I have anemia and the dry skin that comes with that started recently. Nivea has been epic for that!!

  42. Linda May says:

    Before reading your review, I was shopping for a foot creme, and decided to buy a tin of Nivea for 89 cents at Target. I used it yesterday afternoon when I got home, then again last night before bed. My feet are smooth and soft- not scaly and rough like they’ve been since winter arrived in Michigan. I HIGHLY recommend this product, then decided to search to see what others are saying about it. Also, years ago I did buy Le Mer for well over $100, and was not impressed enough to ever buy it again.

  43. Bela T says:

    well,,,,,,,I have been using this for years but it was put in the back burner for quite a while since I got suckered in to “oh try this product for this and that”, but now that my skin is starting to get a bit drier than usual (I just turned 49), I do see the difference in my skin! I also noticed after it “sets” I no longer have to use primers for my foundation (into the trash they went) This makes your makeup stick like no other, although in the summer time I use a wee bit due to the fact that the “set” time takes a bit longer than usual, but now that we are heading into Winter, the holy shit you can’t see my pores factor kicked in. The Grandma smell fades a bit, but hell I like it, I also use the “smells like my aunt” Jergens face cream as a makeup remover, then again I have 2 nephews so I may as well be the aunt with that rosey smell right, I guess it’s my turn now? LOL, and after a moisturizing face wash (supposedly)to remove the excess face cream, I put Nivea on the top before I go to bed.And I have to use less products now because this one jar does it all, I also recently, noticed my dark circles under my eyes disappearing (I shit you not!) OH and it’s also great on sunburns too!

  44. Mimi says:

    Okay! Deff thought I was the only one who loved what Nivea Creme did to my skin lol!!
    I have crazy dry skin. But alsonsupper senitive skin so I break out fast! Nivea is the only cream that helps prevent them! I do mask on a reg. Mud mask, clay mask and charcoal mask. And can’t forget my exfoliating masks. Plus I use a toner after it all. But the only think that really helps prevent me from break outs is my Nivea!! And give me that perfect dewy look under my makeup! My grandmother has always used Nivea and that’s where I picked it up from. She’s 77 with no wrinkles. I’m sold. Lol

  45. Veronica Starlite says:

    I love my Nivea. I’ve been using Korean Shin Care for 7 years and although wonderfully successful for my skin something was lacking. I watch a lot of vintage make-up tutorials on YouTube and one day while watching a historical account of Marylin Monroe’s routine Nivea and Vaseline were mentioned as her Holy Grail combo moisturizers. So, who am I to doubt the Queen? I ordered the German tin from Amazon and use Nivea as my final step of my skin care routine. My skin glows! Holy Grail for life.

  46. Rachael says:

    What a fab review – This sounds like a good product for travelling and packing light and you can be assured you can just use it all over!
    Helpless Whilst Drying

  47. Gemma says:

    I’ve never tried it on my face as I thought it might be too rich but I’m tempted to give it a try as I love a nicely hydrating moisturiser xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  48. Ash Neverson says:

    I just discovered your blog and this is the best review I have ever read. Nothing has ever been so well explained and kept me locked in so much! As for this Nivea Creme, I have been using it solely as moisturizer for my hand but never thought to try on my face. Now guess whose going to try it?? Me!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Ash | http://www.theashtreejournal.com

  49. Liz Breygel says:

    It is one of my favorite winter moisturizers – simple and budget-friendly ;)

    Lots of love ♥ Janury Girl

  50. TC says:

    I will have to look into this for like my hands and feet and maybe some parts of my face, too! Hope the smell doesn’t turn me off, though. Your description made me laugh, btw XD

    Thanks for writing this review. It’s helpful and it’s great that something so cheap worked for you!!!

  51. I guess skin types are different, I do love nivea products and I actually have this particular one, unfortunately i reacted badly to it as I’ve got really sensitive skin and perfumed products are a bit of a problem, but I can attest to the fact that it’s a great moisturizer and long lasting as well

  52. little luxury list says:

    I’ve never thought anything of Nivea and had the same stereotypes about mineral oil and petroleum. It sounds really great as a last step to lock everything in. Definitely worth $1!!!

  53. Keri H says:

    Omg!!! Okay I definitely need to pick one of these up. Keep believe it did such wonders for your skin!

    Enclothed Cognition

  54. hena tayeb says:

    I have never seen my mother use anything other than Nivea..
    Thanks for sharing so much information about it.


  55. Emily says:

    So fascinating! I remember when this was so hot last year. I love that you did this test and compared it to La Mer. I know a lot of girls were raving about this as a makeup primer. And thank you for clearing up the issue with mineral oil! I have stayed about from it myself, but that was really eye opening. Love that I always learn something form you lady!!

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

  56. Alexis says:

    I’ve been searching high and low for a hand cream and I can’t believe I overlooked this classic product! Running out to the drugstore to grab a tin now! Not sure I can use this on my face as I’m already quite oily and in a humid climate – my skin is quite happily moisturised with little effort in this environment haha

    A xx

  57. Sam Hodgett says:

    This cream is such a staple in many household, and even I need to make sure I have a tin at home at all times or when I travel. I’ve read a lot about the la mer and nivea dupe and with tests dermatologists found that the nivea creme was actually better for your skin in the long term. I personally hate the feeling of this creme on my face though and only use it for emergencies when it’s feeling extra dry and I have nothing else, but perhaps it’s finally time to properly give this a try as a moisturiser.

    Sam Hodgett || Beauty & Lifestyle Bits

  58. Jen, the proof is definitely in the pudding. My grandmother SWORE by Nivea. She kept a bottle of it and her skin remained soft, supple with very little wrinkles. I kept telling her I thought it was so heavy. HaHaHa Now I need to get a bottle.


  59. I know this cream from the times when I was a child, I always had a German version at home and even my grandma uses some packaging of big Nivea jars for needles and crafts :D I haven’t use it for a while but I might try it on my legs since nothing works on my legs like vaseline and sometimes I would prefer to use a moisturizer instead of vaseline.

  60. The Sunday Mode says:

    Ok now I’m really considering trying this. Actually, I don’t know if it’s this exact product but my grandma has used the same Nivea face cream for years and she has really lovely soft skin.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  61. Mica says:

    My mum used to use this for hand cream, and I’ve been having issues with dry hands lately, maybe I need to give this a go! I am wondering a little if it’s quite so cheap here, I can’t think of anything that’s a $1, but I will hunt it out and see! :)

    Hope you had a great weekend. We had a quiet one with all the wet weather!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  62. Gabrielle says:

    Oh wow, I’m so curious about this now! The price point is definitely an incentive to at least give it a go haha, and how incredible it’s working so well for your skin – even after 2-3 weeks! You’ve also reminded me not to go overboard with exfoliating to avoid damaging the moisture barrier (thank you!). Hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far Jenny :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  63. I’ve been waiting for this post, because Nivea is such a “childhood” brand for me. I am familiar with the scent 100%, it is one of those things you never forget. My dad used to use this same cream religiously. I actually have a small jar of it in my gym bag; I am a swimmer and a combination of chlorine and dry skin is never a good idea! So I always (always) carry my cheap Nivea with me, pop it on right after my training and my skin feels baby smooth. Yes, the scent is not very luxurious, but the stuff works and with your very detailed ingredients’ list breakdown (THANK YOU!) it makes perfect sense why. I now feel like getting an extra one to use on my drier areas overnight, what a genius idea! I love algae too, so I will check out both Snails & Sea Kelp Coral serums now. I laughed so much at the Mozart comment – is that true?? I did not know they played music to plants or skincare ingredients, but now I am eye-rolling so hard – I practically see the back of my brain! xx

  64. Kathryn says:

    This is so interesting! I mean, for $1 I guess it doesn’t hurt to try it – my skin does get so dry this time of year. I’d be nervous that it would break me out though if used on my face. Either way, thanks for sharing this!

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  65. Hm sounds like an interesting product! I mean it’s stood the test of time and still around so it must be a favourite for some – actually I think the packaging is pretty nice and simple. I like that it’s so minimal. Great review!


  66. Lorena says:

    It is a great product for a lot of people, I am glad you like it. I compared them, La Mer and Nivea, for a post (in Spanish http://blog.lindisima.com/2012/02/creme-de-la-mer-y-nivea-son-lo-mismo-o.html ) years ago. Both of them gave me pimples. So I stopped the experiment. I really dislike Nivea’s fragrance. The German Nivea is the one that is almost identical to La Mer. A lot of people love Nivea and it is great for hands and feet. It is always nice to read your posts.

  67. Amy says:

    This sounds really interesting given it’s such a simple product. I’ve seen it a thousand times but never thought to try it. But one thing came to mind, over there was a news article recently about all the people who have literally set themselves on fire from using daily skincare containing paraffin for something like eczema. Crazy! It had seeped into their clothes though so we’re talking large quantities. I’m going to pick this up the next time I’m at the chemist to see if it can help my dry patches!

    Amy – ambeautyedit.com

  68. Wow it’s amazing how this cream has done such wonders for your skin. I’m pretty sure I had a tin of this around a few years ago but I think I ended up using it on my hands/body more than my face. It’s good to know that it works so well to deeply moisturize. You can’t beat that $1 price tag and the tin looks travel friendly too ;p I ended up going off creams and moisturizing with oils this winter and I haven’t seen one flake.

  69. Caitlin says:

    I’ve never tried this before, but I love the moisturizers from Lush!

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

    • Susan says:

      @valerie, I checked on this and found that Nivea issued a statement that while some lanolin is from animals, it is also made commercially and not animal product. Nivea said their lanolin doesn’t contain animal products.

    • valerie says:

      This is NOT vegan. Lanolin comes from sheeps’ sebaceous glands. It even says it in the article. “A sebaceous gland is a microscopic exocrine gland in the skin that opens into a hair follicle to secrete an oily or waxy matter, called sebum, which lubricates the hair and skin of mammals. In humans, sebaceous glands occur in the greatest number on the face and scalp, but also on all parts of the skin except the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.”
      “Sebaceous gland, small oil-producing gland present in the skin of mammals. Sebaceous glands are usually attached to hair follicles and release a fatty substance, sebum, into the follicular duct and thence to the surface of the skin.”
      Sebum is what clogs your pores and feeds the yeast responsible for dandruff.

  70. Wow! I didn’t expect that! Usually the cheap products are terrible. I hear amazing things about Nivea though! So I’m not surprised!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  71. Ooh my Gosh, seriously???. I have dry/combo skin, drier in the winter and I am so buying this asap.
    This sounds amazing though. I must admit, I was scared when I saw the mineral oil but that has never stopped me from purchasing something because of that ingredient. xx

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com/

  72. MEL INSPIRED says:

    I love love love how you break this down girl! Your reviews are bomb! And definitely going to have to look into this given it’s price :)

    xx, mel

  73. nyashanicole says:

    I have really oily skin so prefer lighter creams and lotions compared to the thicker ones. A very thorough & detailed review. Thanks!


    • Seema Sallam says:

      My Grandma has been using it all her life and her skin is beautiful. I’ve recently added it to my daily routine and everyone has been commenting on my glowing skin.

  74. Alyssa says:

    I don’t even get what’s with all the backlash with Mineral Oil. Anyway, that product sounds A-MA-ZING! It’s so easy to find and sooooo affordable!

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  75. Sal UmmBaby says:

    Its so weird to see this cream making such a scene now because its one that we’ve had in our lives forever. But I am happy to see it getting attention because its an absolute classic! My mum used to use it on us and I now use the Soft version on my girls during the winter after an oil. You’re right…it locks everything in and soothes like nothing else. xxx

  76. And now we will say it all together: “Mineral Oil is not evil!” It is indeed a great occlusive.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  77. Mercy says:

    Brilliant post! I have tried this actually on my hands but never on my face. Now your post makes me think of trying it again. I surely go to the chemist soon to pick up a tub or two.

  78. Great post Jenny! I tried it a couple of years ago and really liked it too, except that it does smell like a grandma, but in a kind of nice reassuring way though? Thanks so much for going in-depth and looking at the ingredients, so useful!

  79. Sam says:

    $1?! You really can’t beat that price, I have to pick it up the next time I’m at Target. I’m traveling to Iceland soon too, so I feel like this would be a great moisturizer to try since it’s going to be so much colder than I’m used to!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

  80. Hopeless Philippines says:

    I am going to try this :)

    • Chants says:

      I’ve been using this since high school. Swear by if and recommend this as a travel staple too! I live in the tropics – no issues with Nivea Creme I can tell you. I’ve always had comments about what I use on my face. **hint **hint. :-) xoxo

  81. Camilla says:

    Amazing! I bought one of these $1 pots to use as an emergency moisturizer when I was camping but have yet to actually try it! Must remedy that asap!

    Camilla // Gracefulface.com

  82. Shireen says:

    I am sold! Will pick this up to try in the future! I have a huge tub of Cerave Moisturizing Cream to try first but will definitely get this later. There is always a good reason why some ‘grandma’ creams have been around forever. ????

    • Lynda Osman says:

      I have used this as my moisturiser for as long as I can remember, my mother used it and my grandmother. I used slightly less as a teenager but as I have got older I use alot more to hydrate my dry skin. I have never had problem skin except the normal teenage t-bar problems and the usual premenstrual spots. I don’t know whether this is because, I have never used soap on my face or because I have stuck to a few basic products. Everyone says that I don’t look my age, now my daughter has grown up they also say we look like sisters rather than mother and daughter, thinking about it they used to say the same about my mum and me. I do find that nivea is the only moisturiser I can wear without reaction either red blotches or severe stinging, they do say if it works why change it. It does take 10 minutes settle in but my face drinks it up and always feels smooth and plumped. At 57 I am just exploring adding in a serum or not as everyone is singing wonderful praises about these new magical products but I will still carry on using my blue nivea pot of magic.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi I also have CeraVe in my regimen and use that as well. I love Nivea Creme for my hands which get trashed in the winter. And I’ll use it on my face when I take our dog out for walks in the winter. Feels like a baby’s butt!

      • Jenniffer says:

        I really enjoy using it on my dry face, and the packaging isn’t always bland. For Christmas they put a drawing of a couple sharing a blanket and a hot cocoa.

        • Jenny says:

          Oh that’s so cute! I don’t think we get the special packaging here unfortunately, so it’s just the blue jar, but I love it all the same.

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