My secret to plumper, more youthful skin: the Tripollar Stop X review

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. lauren says:

    do you also do microcurrent?

    aree you still using it? i thought maintenance was one to 2 times a month

    • Jenny Wu says:

      I had to stop everything after I got pregnant but prior to that I was using a microcurrent device (Ziip) regularly, and plan on resuming after pregnancy. I’ve switched to the Medicube Age-R Ussera Deep Shot for RF since it’s quicker and milder, so it’s perfect for maintenance and/or if you’re ok with taking things slow. I may restart with Tripollar again for a few months due to the long break I had to take. Hope this helps!

  2. Tuffy says:

    Dear, you have lost facial fat in the mid face between the bottom of your eyes and the sides of your nose (you can see the flatness there). Also from your side angle your zygomatic curve is flat. These are the subtle nuances of fat loss that can occur with these high energy devices; they shrink natural the curvatures of the face, which are aesthetically pleasing and desirable. Why do you think people get fillers? It’s to create those curvatures and fullness which is a sign of plump, youthful facial fat and bone structure.

    • Jenny says:

      What side angle? I didn’t include any side photos of my face in this post, so I find it extremely weird that you’re analyzing my facial structure in other photos, as if my flatter face somehow proves your point. Sorry to disappoint but that’s how I’ve always looked, and whatever “fat loss” I’ve experienced is a natural part of aging. I can assure you what the bottom of my eyes look like has not changed for the better or worse since using Tripollar.

      The RF technology in this device specifically targets the dermis layer of our skin where collagen and elastin are, it would require much higher temperatures and longer treatment time/session to impact fat cells. Obviously if you continue using the device on the same spot even after the ideal temperature has been reached then it can cause fat loss, which is why it’s important to follow the instructions.

  3. Renee Chen says:

    Thank you for your detailed review and I just started using it. I am just wondering if I can use it and NuFace at the same time.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Renee, I personally use them on alternating days. I haven’t read anything that says you can’t use them together in the same routine, but at the same time I don’t want to risk potentially irritating it either. If you do want to use them on the same day maybe you can try spacing the two out a bit so your skin has time to rest? Hope this helps!

  4. Qianning says:

    Thanks for this recommendation, Jenny! Looks like a great investment for long-term use. :)

  5. daghestani says:

    Good evening, Tripollar Vx is quite expensive, and according to your comparative, it seems it does the same job as Tripollar V, right ?

  6. Akssana says:

    Hi. I just bought the Tripollar stop. Will it reduce nasolabial folds?? And will it do anything for crows feet as you can’t actually work around the eye??

    • Jenny says:

      The Stop or Stop X? I’ve only used the Stop X so I can’t speak for the Stop, but i think it should still help in the long run. I would read reviews on that device specifically for more information. Lastly any device would only be effective where you can use it, so if the Stop can’t be used around your eyes I’m afraid it can’t do much for crows feet.

  7. Anne says:

    I have the NuFace and as much as I would love to try other devices as well, I don´t think I have the time to use even one more right now.

  8. Monica Molina says:

    Do you prefer this over nuface? How do you know which is better?

    • Jenny says:

      This and the NuFace do different things, so it really depends on what you’re looking for. I’ll be doing a detailed post comparing the two, but the NuFace is more for toning and lifting. I notice a more defined jawline when I use the nuface, but it doesn’t give me the same fullness or healthy glow from Tripollar.

  9. Lisa Autumn says:

    OMG I need to try this!

    Lisa |

  10. Jennifer says:

    I definitely need to try this!

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